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Areas of Service

From forensic evidence recovery to expert consultation services, we offer legal support for a broad range of cases.

Computer Forensics

The discovery and analysis of digital evidence is a growing legal necessity. More data resides in digital environments than most people realize, and this data is admissible when recovered under forensically sound conditions.

Use of force

Use of force doctrines maintain an ethical standard that the law is obliged to uphold. These standards have imperfect definitions, and we are prepared to advise on circumstances where police actions are brought into question.

Bloodstain pattern analysis

Often the patterns found within a crime scene or on items of evidence can provide additional details as to the sequence of events as they happened. Additionally, those stains and patterns may provide information to confirm or contradict recorded statements. The analysis of the bloodstains can include reconstructing the likely order of events as they unfolded in the scene, placing individuals where they may have been during those events, and determining a minimum number of individuals involved.

Mobile Forensics

Today's cell phones essentially function as personal computers, storing massive amounts of private data. When this data may become evidence in legal proceedings, we can recover it through forensically sound processes.


Expertise needed to analyze and interpret the most complex DNA cases using industry accepted amplification kits. The analysis can include a detailed Chain of Custody report for each item of evidence, a breakdown of the testing on each item, when the testing was done, and who did the testing. Our staff can also offer a client a second opinion on the steps used during analysis and the interpretation of the DNA profiles in a case. Additionally, we offer to review the operating procedures of a laboratory to compare those to industry standards and ensure those procedures were followed as written

Crime scene reconstruction

Our experience with active and revisited crime scenes allows us to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to answer the most complex and difficult questions. From diagramming, reconstruction, and/or animation our knowledge and expertise can be applied to crime scenes that include but is not limited too; officer involved shootings, assault scenes, shooting reconstructions, suicides, and homicides.

Audio Enhancement

Forensic audio enhancement is the process of clarifying audio recordings to increase intelligibility. Processing techniques must be applied to unwanted noises like static, HVAC fans, hums and other distracting sounds first. Speech enhancement, dialogue enhancement as well as voice enhancement are products of a successful investigation.

Firearms and Ballistics

Our experts are seasoned professionals when it comes to firearms and ballistics. We are equipped to evaluate and report on cases where events surrounding firearms and projectiles are called into question.