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With experience in government intelligence, military, and law enforcement, Fortune 500 corporations and the legal sector with considerable expertise across a wide range of capabilities such as digital intelligence, data analytics, software programming, network and computer security, evidence collection, and cyber security. We deploy our expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality, legally valid, reporting and consultation done securely, discretely and timely. All of our associates are trained in data protection, chain of custody, and evidence collection protocols so that our clients can rest assured that any evidence that our team collects will meet all technical guidelines for admissibility.

Unique wire asset

Our journey to launching our Oregon-headquartered digital forensics and e-discovery business, Unique Wire, which serves corporations, law firms, and law enforcement agencies, began with a lawsuit by one of our own partners. Brian Feucht had started a company in Alaska to develop next-generation mobile devices, but a competitor stole much of the business’s intellectual property.

“We won a $53 million verdict, but then a judge said there wasn’t enough available evidence to justify the jury’s award, and she reversed the verdict,” Feucht recalls. “Our legal team wasn’t able to gather the necessary electronic evidence to demonstrate how a collaborator accessed and transferred our ideas to a competitor. Not having any digital forensic options at the time, I realized that given my knowledge of technology, I could fill a gap in the commercial space for e-discovery (electronic discovery). It was a way to level the playing field for people on all sides.”


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