What We Offer

Civil Matters

Digital Evidence

Digital evidence can be incredibly powerful in civil cases, but it may be deemed inadmissible if it is not properly secured. Let Unique Wire’s expert technicians extract the data from any device. Functioning, disabled, locked, or encrypted, our proprietary software can access any device. Unique Wire will also manage the chain-of-custody to ensure proper delivery of critical digital evidence.

Legal Defense

Exculpatory Evidence

At Unique Wire our digital forensic experts will perform a complete investigation to reveal any evidence that may have been undiscovered by law enforcement. The resulting analysis may provide exculpatory or mitigating evidence.

Corporate Services

Due Diligence

Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate lawsuits require a massive amount of diligence to ensure success. Often important evidence can be found in the form of candid statements made in emails or texts., voice messages, photos, or GPS locations. Our digital forensic experts will process any device to find any information that may be relevant to corporate discovery efforts.

Data Analysis

Empowering Data

Unique Wire’s data scientists will expertly assess and analyze any encrypted files, location data, phone logs and cell tower identifiers along with any other extracted data. Once the data has been analyzed the data will be provided via a password protected external memory drive.


Data Extraction


Cracklab is a new division of Unique Wire dedicated to the forensic extraction of data from any digital device. Cracklab can extract data even if the device is non-functioning, password protected, or the files are encrypted. Cracklab does not examine any of the data. Once extracted we archive the data and return it to you on an encrypted drive.

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